High Performance

Frogen® refrigerants provide exceptional performance for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and even vehicular refrigeration and cooling needs.


Frogen® products are manufactured under strict international quality controls conforming to U.K. and global standards and regulations, ensuring utmost safety and reliability.


The new generation of refrigerants developed by Frogen® produce no harm to the Ozone layer, and result in reduced environmental impact including Global Warming.

Frogen® Provides a Complete Selection of Refrigerant Products

Frogen® R404A

Frogen® R-404A (HFC-404A) is a non-ozone depleting compound designed to serve as a long-term alternative to Frogen® R-502 (CFC-502) and Frogen® R-22 (HCFC-22) in low and medium temperature commercial refrigeration applications. Applications where Frogen® R-404A is a suitable retrofit refrigerant include supermarket freezer cases, reach-in coolers, display case, transport refrigeration and ice machines.

Frogen® R-410A

Frogen® R-410A, developed by Frogen® Ltd, UK, serves as the primary global replacement of ozone-depleting refrigerants in residential and commercial unitary air conditioners. Frogen® R-410A is an azeotropic mixtures of HFC-32 and HFC-125, with near-zero glide, allowing for both predictable performance and easy handling and recycling. Millions of Frogen® R-410A air conditioners have been sold around the world, and over 25 equipment manufacturers now offer Frogen® R-410A options in their product line.

Frogen® R407C

Frogen® R-407C was developed by Frogen Ltd. to provide a non-ozone depleting substitute for Frogen® R-22 in a range of air-conditioning applications, as well as a variety of refrigeration systems. Because Frogen® R-407C is closely matched in performance with Frogen® R-22, it can also serve as a retrofit refrigerant fluid in applications which have previously used Frogen® R-22.

Frogen® R-22

Frogen® R-22 is an HCFC refrigerant that operates with high pressure but low compressor displacement. Frogen® R-22 is popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Frogen® R-22 is also used as an intermediate to produce fluoropolymers and as a blowing agent in rigid foam applications.

Frogen® 134a

Frogen® R-134a has been developed by Frogen® Ltd. to serve as one of the key substitutes for CFCs and HCFCs. Frogen® R-134a is a long-term, environmentally safer, non-ozone depleting substitute. As a refrigerant, it possesses similar energy efficiency and capacity characteristics as Frogen® R-12 and has an intrinsically low toxicity. Frogen® R-134a is the alternative refrigerant of choice in automobile air-conditioning. It may be used in residential and commercial refrigeration, as well as commercial, and industrial air-conditioning.


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