gas cabinets

Features & Benefits:

  • Gas cabinet or rack mounted for Inert, toxic hazardous gases; semi-auto or fully automatic with a touchscreen interface
  • Single-, Dual- and multiple-process panel configurations & engineered to process requirements
  • Optional purge panel with purge procedure proven in corrosive applications, such as F2, HF, HCl, and WF6
  • Life safety relay logic to override PLC for fire, leak, toxic and facility shutdowns with relay feedback
  • SEMI-S2 compliant

Gas Cabinet

A wide range of cabinets, controllers and panels can be configured into a system engineered to match your needs. In addition, an extensive list of options are available to meet the industry standards in nearly every gas system. Gas Distribution Systems have a proven record for semiconductor applications with 99.999% uptime. AGEM also provides custom systems and solutions in circumstances where standard configurations are not sufficient.

The family of controllers includes a manual switch for cylinder changeover, a semi-automatic changeover that monitors pressure or cylinder weight and fully automated changeover, complete with user-configurable alarms and operating parameters, such as timers and set points.

Controller Options

  • Manual switch for automatic cylinder changeovers
  • Semi-auto systems with automatic switchover
  • Fully automated systems with purge routines

Panel Options

    • Purge panel
    • Regulator
    • Purifiers
    • Pressure switch
    • Transmitter
    • Process panel
    • Manual panels, 3–8 valves
    • Automatic panels, 5–8 valves
    • Purifiers & filters
    • Pressure switches
  • Transmitters
  • Flow switches
  • Test valves
  • Pressure switch
  • Manual isolation valves
  • Emergency shutoff valves

Safety Options

    • UV/IR sensor
    • Temperature switch
    • Leak sensor
    • Door interlocks
    • Remote shutdown relays
    • EMO
    • Sprinklers
    • Heat
    • Cool (Chiller)

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