valve manifold boxes (VMBs)

Features & Benefits:

  • Inert, toxic and hazardous gases; manual, semi-auto and fully automatic with a touch-screen interface in Cabinet or panel mount
  • AGEM 8 individual UHP gas sticks in a compact enclosure
  • Straight-through valve design improves gas flow and reduces internal volume
  • Optional vent with vacuum generator; N2 purge for efficient and safe purging of hazardous gases
  • ESO or stick shutdown capability for individual tool control
  • SEMI-S2 compliant

Valve Manifold Box

The AGEM Valve Manifold Box (VMB) provides safe and reliable distribution points for a gas system. The VMB can include up to eight individual sticks distributing gas from a single supply line. An optional integrated vacuum generator and N2 purge provide a safe and eff ective means of purging the lines for service. The VMB system can be configured for a fully automatic system, a semi-automatic system or a fully manual system with ESO capability.

Controller Options

  • Manual push-button
  • Up to 8-stick semi-auto
  • Up to 4-stick auto
  • Up to 8-stick auto

VMB Features

  • UV/IR sensor
  • Temperature switch
  • Door interlocks
  • Remote shutdown relays
  • EMO
  • Sprinklers
  • Toxic monitors

Optional VMB Accessories

  • Door/Window Sensors: Provide programmable alarm if door or window is opened
  • Toxic Monitor: Monitors enclosure continuously for any sign of toxic leak
  • Fire Sensors: Standard temperature switch or optional UV/IR or dual IR sensors
  • Panel Heater for LVP gases

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