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AGEM Special Gases and Mixture

AGEM is committed to being the preferred partner of our worldwide customers by providing tailored solutions for the supply of speciality gas mixtures, pure gases, chemicals and equipment. We will achieve this by ensuring we adhere to the highest levels of business integrity.

AGEM supplies high quality special gases to all type of market & industries the analyser market by good planning and preparation and through a fast and responsive service. We are a worldwide company with Distribution hubs in the Taiwan, India, U.K., Dubai, U.S.A., K.S.A, Malaysia and Singapore allowing us to react with speed and efficiency to our customers, no matter where they are located.

Products and Services

Non-refillable Cylinders & High Pressure Cylinders
  • Calibration gas mixtures in High Pressure cylinders, from simple binary mixtures through to multi component mixtures (up to 200bar).
  • Complete range of regulators, equipment and accessories options, including the new Engineers Bag designed for ease of use.
  • Worldwide distribution of Dangerous Goods through OEM's, Distributors and direct to End Users.
  • Fully trained to distribute gases worldwide via road, sea and air.
  • Our dedication to quality has been recognised with the international standard.

We aim to offer the highest service possible at every stage of your ordering process, including:
  • Same day response times on quotations through our dedicated customer service and sales team.
  • Labelling and all associated documentation can be designed to suit customer needs.
  • MSDS in English or other languages (upon request).

High Pressure Cylinders

AGEM are a prime manufacturer of high pressure gas mixtures made gravimetrically to ISO 6142. All mixtures have international traceability via the U.K. National Physical Laboratory standards used in the manufacturing process.

We can produce simple binary mixtures through to complex multi-component gas mixtures in a range of cylinder sizes and valves. All gases can be supplied with t a certificate of composition, if required. Cylinders are routinely labelled with the gas volume, pressure, your order number, our reference number, date of manufacture and shelf life.

AGEM can manufacture specialist gases and gas mixtures and have the ability to make blends that are relatively uncommon, quickly and be able to put them into a cylinder size and valve type to suit your needs.

High Purity Gases
  • We supply High Purity Carrier gases up to >99.9999% pure. Our range includes Hydrocarbon gases, Chemical gases, Halocarbons, Rare gases and many other gases for research and industry. These gases can be supplied in a range of cylinders or lecture bottles up to 200bar in pressure. Bulk containers of certain gases are available on request.

Valve Type
  • U.S.A. (CGA)

Production & Quality

Mixture Production

Mixtures are made gravimetrically using a series of high precision balances which undoubtedly give the highest production accuracy available. NPL, NIST and UKAS standards are used as required in the mixture production process. Our modern production systems allow fast manufacture and with our highly experienced chemists and technkians. we can give accurate and reliable delivery times to our customers.

  • Certified Standard – Certified Mixture concentrations are reported utilizing the gravimetric result when the cylinder(s) are filled. Typically are not analyzed with other laboratory equipment unless they have a reactive constituent or it is requested at the time of order.
  • Primary Standard – Mixture is blended gravimetrically and analyzed utilizing appropriate methods for the gas constituents.
  • EPA Protocol – Mixture is blended and results are reported per EPA 600/R-12/531.
  • ISO 17025 – Mixture blend is analyzed and reported per 17025 guidelines and is NIST traceable.


AGEM are one of the few companies worldwide that has the expertise to handle the range of gases, by road, sea and air. We work in partnership with global customers to hold the correct level of stocks worldwide, ensuring customers get fast delivery to vessels.


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