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To ensure the best possible delivered gas quality. Automated facilities, Certified & Accredited Labs, Gas purification & Raw material selection, Cylinder selection & treatment, Personnel recruitment & training -Sales


To ensure the best possible delivered gas quality. Automated facilities, Certified & Accredited Labs, Gas purification & Raw material selection, Cylinder selection & treatment, Personnel recruitment & training -Sales

Implement & maintain Quality systems

To demonstrate total data transparency to customers

Understand to market demands

Take advantage of new opportunities as quickly as possible & adapt to the requirements.

Ensure Delivery & Reliability

Local stock or special shipment according to customer expectation

Offer the full service package

Associated delivery systems (Regulators, Gas Distribution – Industrial and Specialized ) are as critical as the gas quality supplied

Attention to detail

The smallest errors can lead to expensive reworking or lost time incidents

What is TGM/ TGCM ?

  • Total Gas Management / Total Gas & Chemicals Management.
  • AGEM provides service for the administration/supervision of the AGEM supplied Bulk Gases, Electronic Specialty Gases, Chemicals and related systems from source to the customer’s point of use.

AGEM has developed TGM/ TGCM service based on following primitive & primeobjectives:

  • Provide tailor made solutions through differentiated products & services based on reliance needs for each locations.
  • Provide operational efficiencies to customer and improving reliability, safety&quality.
  • Based on our global experience, 2 types of costs are involved in gas management at any site:
  • From simplest to complete gas installations include all of the above functions. TGM takes care of visible cost along with invisible costs.

What is TGM/ TGCM ?

  • Supply Management: From automatic order sent by fax to the continuity of supply transferred to the supplier.
  • Internal Delivery to Point of Use: Adapt pipeline & associated equipment to customer needs & centralized point of supplies.
  • Continuity of Supply: Automatic Delivery or Telemonitoring, Local Monitoring.
  • Site Management: Cylinder handling & transportation, Manpower involved.
  • Data Management: Consumption analysis (flow, pressure, 1st level of leak detection, Distribution quantities, etc).
  • Safety Management: Implemeting Safety practices as per AGEM International Safety Norms, Limited access to store, Cylinder identification.
  • Access Control : User identification
Supply Management:

From order by fax to the responsibility of supply transferred to customer, -- Internal Delivery to Point of Use --Contnuity of Supply

Site management:

Maintenance of pipeline & equipments, spare parts, manpower, travelling costs

Data Management:

Consumption analysis (flow, pressure, 1st level leak detection, distribution qty)

Safety Management:

Implementing Safety practices, Limited authorised user access to store, Cylinder identification

Access Control:

User identification

Exchange of Cylinder Control:

Levels of control

Cylinder Tracking:

On customer site or from Supplier to Customer site

Invoicing & Billing:


TGM/TGCM Target:

Zero accident & Zero supply interruption to customer process

Main benefits

  • SAFETY (On-site Personnel + Emergency Response Team)
  • ensure safe operation of all gas-related systems
  • achieve uptime targets for all gas-related systems
  • attain lowest cost of ownership for the customer

Extended benefits

  • continuous improvement of systems through technology transfers
  • cost fertilization
  • advice on systems expansion capabilities
  • and the training of customer’s staff either directly or with Group company support.


LCS (Local Customer Support) :

AGEM'slocal representative and unique interface with the Customer. In charge of business development and the offer enlargement.

Customised Service

  • From Simple Hook up of Cylinder to full maintenance and of gas & chemical supply.
  • Some Electronics/Chemical & PV Customers have the TGM services provided by AGEM globally.


  • Increased Safety
  • AGEM experts to take care of all gas related activities, for instance reduction in cost for customer
  • AGEM can manage control & distribute other non-gas products utilises or other supply chain services.


  • Set-up Quality Manual, Generate SOPs, QWI & Checklists
  • Implement & control ISO procedures, Safety Management Systems
  • Manage personnel and operational safety action plans
  • Interface between customer & AGEM on all site matters & new requirements
  • Conduct periodic meetings with the customer for total performance evaluation
  • Manage & control all quality issues related to gases
  • Reporting –all site related issues, incident investigation, continuous improvement process


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